Mulberry Molasses

Mulberry Molasses

dut pekmezi

As it is the case in many fruit types, Anatolia is the homeland and one of the oldest cultural areas of mulberry. Mulberry fruit which has been quietly rendering service to our region for centuries with its fruit, leaf and root and nearly a source of health has made contributions to healthy life and economy of Anatolian people.


Today when natural products are intensively appreciated, mulberry as an interesting fruit through its nutritional value of its processed products as well as its fresh consumption constitutes raw material of a variety of many local flavors such as molasses, dried fruit rollup, jam, walnuts on a string dipped in starch grape molasses and is becoming a widely used food each day

Mulberry Molasses, which is the most widely used amongst such local flavors, is a rich food stuff in calcium, Iron, and vitamins B1, B2 and C, and is a good source of energy for human health. Mulberry Molasses having blood-forming feature decorates our tables with its natural production, nutritional value and taste.


28 Kg Plastic Can

  Net : 26.85 Kg
  Gross : 28 Kg
  Dimension : H:40 - W:36 - L:36

40 Kg Plastic can

  Net : 38.7 Kg
  Gross : 40 Kg
  Dimension : H:40 - W:36 - L:36

1-1,5 Ton Tank

  Net : 1.350 Kg - 1.450 Kg
  Tare : 60 Kg
  Dimension : H:100-W:100- L:120

260 Kg Barrel

  Net : 260 Kg
  Tare : 18 Kg
  Dimension : H: 87 - Çap: 58

  Chrome Tank

  Net : 12.500 Kg - 13.500 Kg